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Sanden International (U.S.A.), Inc.

As a leader in the automotive air conditioning business, Sanden is committed to supply products of ever-increasing quality & efficiency through continual improvements in their processes and products.

Sanden understands the importance of their employees and wants to provide the best services and employee benefits to them. In selecting vendors they look for the same commitments in quality and efficiency.


Sanden expects their communication and actuarial consultants to provide the highest quality advice and work, with responsive service and efficient cost control.

The existing consulting firms were large and slow in regards to response time. One of the main concerns they were facing and needing to deal with was the fact that cost was out of control. In addition Sanden would prefer to find a vendor or firm that could provide all their communication and actuarial services under one roof.


Kien Liew, who started PensionBenefits in 1995, was working with Sanden on their pension plans and total compensation and benefit statements while working for one of the large employee benefits consulting firms prior to starting PensionBenefits.

PensionBenefits maintains the strengths of the large firms while significantly improving on the weaknesses, thus resulting in a firm that uniquely emphasizes on top quality service and cost efficiency.

After initial review with Sanden, PensionBenefits identified annual projects that needed to be done and that allow flexibility for ad hoc projects. PensionBenefits was able to streamline and automate the routine projects such as (1) communication of total compensation and benefits (2) annual actuarial valuation of the Sanden defined benefit pension plans (3) calculation and certification of pension benefits.

In addition, PensionBenefits is a consultant to Sanden providing advice in regards to its two pension plans. The experts at PensionBenefits continually analyze and review the market to keep clients apprised based on the challenges of their specific business environments.


PensionBenefits responded quickly to Sanden's needs and developed a plan to make them more efficient. Through this efficiency Sanden has been able to control their cost. Sanden now has all of their Communication & Actuarial services conveniently located with one firm and do not have to wait for information to come from several vendors. Sanden has improved their pension/benefit communication services to its employees while keeping these services with in budget.

About Sanden International (U.S.A.), Inc.

Sanden International is the largest independent manufacturer of automotive air conditioning compressors in the world, with components supplied to the majority of the world's vehicle manufacturers.

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