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PensionBenefits is a full service Human Resources Consulting firm. We can provide you with general HR practices, employee benefit programs, and pension services. Our clients include public sector entities, private sector companies and third party administrators(TPAs).

PensionBenefits has the expertise to help you with broad-based HR solutions in policies, procedures and programs. An HR audit by our seasoned consultants can move your company to the next level. (For a more detailed listing of HR services, click here.)

PensionBenefits has the consultants and actuaries to partner with you in the design, implementation and management of your pension programs. We have the expertise in traditional defined benefit, defined contribution, including 401(k), and new comparability cash balance plans. (For a more detailed listing of these services, click here.)

PensionBenefits assists clients in designing and implementing quality employee benefit programs while controlling your costs. Innovations and creativeness are required to combat the always-increasing healthcare costs. (For a more detailed listing of these services, click here.)

PensionBenefits' focus is on our clients, partners and their needs. Our mission is to listen to your HR and benefit challenges and then provide solutions.

Simply, we provide total HR and benefits solutions.